What Is A QSEHRA ?

Hint: A QSEHRA is something conjured up at the Puzzle Palace in Washington DC…..

QSEHRAs are a new way for Employers to offer health insurance and other benefits on a tax efficient basis.  How will a QSEHRA help you develop more sales?  We are going to answer that question and more next Friday, June 30th at 11am CDT.  To register, click here.

In short, QSEHRAs are a tax favored vehicle that allows Employees to purchase a Qualified Health Plan (an ACA, individual major medical plan) and then present their premium expenses for reimbursement.  Employers may fund up to $4,950 per individual and up to $10,000 per family, per year.

Other insurance products may be added as an “eligible expense” for reimbursement, like a Critical Illness plan or a dental plan, for example.  Plus, unreimbursed Section 213(d) expenses may also be eligible for reimbursement (like unreimbursed dental, vision and other health care expenses not covered by a QHP).

Using a QSEHRA to prospect for new business offers a fresh approach that puts the Employer in the driver’s seat for controlling their budget.  Plus, a QSEHRA may be a great way to get an employer who wants to offer a health plan to finally have a manner by which to do so without breaking the bank!

Join us next week to learn more about how this exciting new tool can help open doors for you to market more insurance – and help Employers attract and retain key Employees!

Mike Smith, President