Weslaco Independent School District Gets A+ For Health Care Management


The Weslaco Independent School District gets a rare Mulebriar rating of A+ for proactive management of their self-funded health & welfare plan.

By Molly Mulebriar

The latest report we have from the Weslaco Independent School District indicates the district’s self-funded employee health & welfare plan average cost per medical plan member per month  is $238.45.

With a change from Blue Cross to an Oklahoma based third party administrator last year, the district embarked on new strategies to reign in rising health care costs.

Moving away from established PPO networks, the district reached out directly to key community health caregivers to create their own exclusive provider network.

The district negotiated a contract with the Mid Valley Physicians Group as well as contracts with Knapp Medical Center, Doctors Hospital @ Renaissance, and Harlingen Medical Center. According to sources at the district, Weslaco ISD has realized a “significant savings” through these agreements.

In a December 2014 board meeting, School Board President Mr. Fuentes thanked Mr. De La Rosa (WISD risk manager),  Dr. Alejandro, and Mr. Roger Garza (district’s consultant) for coming up with creative ways which has “allowed the district to save money through negotiating and creating this new network.”

The total number of participating employees at the Weslaco Independent School District is 2,288. With children, dependents, and spouses, the total number of members is 3,099.

Weslaco Independent School District is located in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in deep South Texas.

Source: www.MollyMulebriar.org