“We save our customers money. Most of our clients costs are below trend or flat ………….our average client covers more than 3,000 members…………”

WebTPA has been delivering client-responsive technology and service solutions since 1993.

As masters of our proprietary technology platform and secure global infrastructure, we’re able to scale and adapt our solutions to meet our clients wherever they need us.

Today, our average client covers more than 3,000 members. The efficiencies of our system make it feasible for us to offer our clients customized services that were once only available to large and sophisticated employers.

In addition to our technological independence, WebTPA is proud to be committed to long-term organizational independence. We were acquired by AmWINS Group, Inc. in 2006, making us part of the largest independent wholesale insurance organization in the country. This partnership also ensures our ongoing ability to remain fully aligned with our clients’ best interests by continuing to deliver fully customized solutions rather than selling from a fixed menu of services.

Our Proprietary Technology

We know what our technology can do, and have built it to accommodate a nearly infinite number of plan designs and provider network options – including whatever you need it to do for you. We control the development schedule, and the “can do” spirit we apply to our technology and its flexibility informs all of the services and business choices we make. We control our technological destiny, and our dedication to service and delivering value empowers our customers to control their healthcare destiny.

About our Parent Company

AmWINS Group, Inc. (“AmWINS”) has been a leader in the wholesale insurance industry since its formation in 1998. The firm is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina and has 98 locations across 17 countries, including 72 in the United States.  The firm has expertise across a diversified mix of property, casualty and group benefits products. AmWINS also offers value-added services to support some of these products, including product development, underwriting, premium and claims administration and actuarial services.

With more than 3,300 employees, AmWINS is an amalgamation of 30+ wholesale brokerage, underwriting and group benefit operations which have been acquired over the course of 12 years.  The firm currently receives over 675,000 submissions a year from retail insurance agents across the United States. More than $11.2 billion in premium placements makes AmWINS the second largest wholesale broker in the U.S.  AmWINS has extensive relationships with 20,000+ retail insurance brokerage firms and more than 1,500 insurance underwriting firms.

What We Do

Discounts are important – but only if you’re buying the right amount of the right thing.

We save our customers money. Most of our clients costs are below trend or flat, and the savings grow the longer they stay with WebTPA.

Not all TPAs are created equal. WebTPA takes benefit administration to the next level, focusing on true health plan management, with a proven track record of success in managing even the most complex health plans.

WebTPA provides peace of mind and first-rate guidance through the often intimidating and confusing world of modern healthcare delivery.

We go beyond the “cookie cutter” approach to provide each client with custom solutions tailored to meet their specific needs.