WebTPA to Join GuideWell’s Family of Companies

MyHealthGuide Source: GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation via PRNewswire, 11/6/2020

JACKSONVILLE, FL — GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell), the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on transforming health care, announced that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire WebTPA, an innovative and market leading administrator of self-funded employer health plans.

WebTPA provides integrated and highly customizable administration solutions and products to employers, health systems and insurance companies. Through its technology, operating platform and deep expertise, WebTPA is able to uniquely serve the needs of its customers. Terms of the transaction, which is expected to close by the end of the year, were not disclosed.

“We are excited to welcome WebTPA to the GuideWell family and to further expand our solutions for employer health plans and other customers. WebTPA is a proven company entrusted by a wide range of customers to support their objectives and is a natural fit with our mission-driven organization,” said Pat Geraghty, president and CEO of GuideWell. “We are committed to transforming health care, and the addition of WebTPA enhances our ability to deliver solutions for the complex needs of employers and the broader marketplace.”

Following closing, WebTPA will operate as an independent company within the GuideWell family of companies. WebTPA will also convene an advisory board including leaders from large employers, health systems and other businesses to engage on various health care matters and ensure WebTPA continues to offer differentiated solutions in a dynamic market.

“WebTPA is proud to join the GuideWell organization because of the opportunity to combine our strengths and develop a unique value proposition for employer health plans and other administrative services customers,” said Mike McCabe, president and CEO of WebTPA. “We are impressed by GuideWell’s commitment to leading positive change in health care and their approach to supporting innovative companies and have seen the mutual benefits of our past collaboration with GuideWell for our customers. By establishing our new advisory board, we will ensure our customers and their needs remain at the forefront of our approach.”

Based in Irving, Texas, WebTPA has more than 500 employees and was rated among the Top 100 Places to Work in 2019 by The Dallas Morning News and the Top Workplaces for 2019 by the San Antonio Express News.

About WebTPA

WebTPA is an independent, nationally licensed provider of infrastructure and service solutions, specializing in customized health care benefits administration. The company focuses on the administration of fully insured and self-funded programs across the continuum of the group and individual marketplace. Founded in 1993, WebTPA has a proven history of successfully managing a wide array of health plans for some of the country’s most reputable employers. Covering over 1.4 million members and growing every year, WebTPA has earned a reputation as a forward-thinking, flexible, service-oriented administrator. Visit webtpa.com.

About GuideWell

GuideWell Mutual Holding Corporation (GuideWell) is a not-for-profit mutual holding company and the parent to a family of forward-thinking companies focused on transforming health care. The GuideWell organization includes the leading health insurance company in Florida; a portfolio of clinical delivery organizations; a health care consumer marketing, sales and engagement company; a provider of administrative services to state and federal health care programs; and a leader in risk adjustment and population care management. The GuideWell enterprise serves 27 million people in 35 states and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. Visit www.guidewell.com.



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