We Want Your Stop Loss Business

Web based real time on-line final rates, immediate firm quotes, no participating requirements, quote down to 10 lives……………………level funding made easy


  1. Determined by you! We pay a minimum of 12%. You are in charge
  2. Weekly pay on new business
  3. NO reduction in compensation for groups of 25 or more lives


  1. Employers retain 100% of their reserve amount at end of the contract
  2. Quote down to 10 lives
  3. RBR hospital and Multiplan/PHCS industry leading ppo network for doctor
  4. Our Actuaries and Underwriters are aggressive with underwriting to place business
  5. No minimum participation requirements
  6. Immediate firm quote capability
  7. All state mandate requirements eliminated due to our captive relationship—resulting in lower rates
  8. Deductible credit
  9. SIC differential coding within a group for lower rates

Administrative and Customer Service: Provided by Harmony with the second largest TPA back office in America. Highest rating for customer service.


  1. Web base real time final rates
  2. Coming soon no employee Applications required
  3. Online quoting
  4. Video sales presentation
  5. Video lead generation
  6. Video for Employees on how to use benefits
  7. App for employer to check status on claim and fund usage
  8. State of the art PBM technology to reduce prescription cost
  9. Video technology to assist client understanding during sales process
  10. 10. Direct contact with underwriters

Our mailing address is:

United Advantage Agency, 1307 Main Street, Suite 235, Gun Barrel City, Tx 75156

CONTACT: johndavid@nationwideselffunded.com