We Are Changing To Whatever Is Next

With their financial backs to the wall, surrounded by disgruntled workers who can’t afford the company’s health plan anymore, plus can’t afford to use it, more plan sponsors are leaping into shark infested waters while others are tip toeing through the tulips in search of alternatives.

Early adopters have fared well, proving health care can be solved by doing everything opposite to what has been the status quo for the past 40 years including:

  • Moving away from PPO networks rather than embracing them
  • Eliminating deductibles rather than increasing them
  • Partnering with willing community providers without third party involvement
  • Adopting traditional American business practices which doesn’t exist in tradition American health care financing

Meanwhile back at the ranch plan sponsors with money to burn continue to burn it through secretive managed care contracts they can’t see nor audit. At some point these plan sponsors will run out of money and out of frustration will announce “We are changing to whatever is next!”