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“Please take the time to watch this compelling case study webinar that showcases what is possible when an employer takes a truly proactive approach to controlling the cost of healthcare claims” – Dan Meylan

The facts are extraordinary in light of the current trends in healthcare….. but absolutely true. There are some massive lessons here on the value of Payer Compass RBP as part of a comprehensive approach to healthcare cost containment.

Corralling Claim Costs – Webinar Recording – Payer Compass

FTEs – 1800

Premiums paid by employees and families  – $0

Annual Average Employee OOP spend   Single = $395   Family = $1,067


Plan PEPM Healthcare Costs                     National Average* Healthcare Costs *(Milliman)

Single $7,154     ($596 PEPM)                    Single $10,480  ($873 PEPM)

Family $19,287  ($1,607 PEPM)                 Family $28,255  ($2,355 PEPM)


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  Daniel R. Meylan 

Senior Vice President Broker Relations

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