Watch For Defamation Of Doctors – “Doctors Show Emotional Irrationality”


By D. Pruitt

It wasn’t long ago that I warned that frustration would next lead to defamation of providers by the Obama administration. Evidently, such things have happened before. “Clinton-era White House memo from Rose Law Firm adviser: Doctors show ’emotional irrationality’ in resisting health reforms, have no ‘right’ to be over-compensated’ for treating patients.”

Stunning memos shed light on back-room cynicism behind ‘Hillarycare’ plan in the 1990s. One adviser wrote that doctors only want to ‘make money which supports them in the lifestyle which they have anticipated’ Another said two days of planned public hearings about health care reform would be just for show, to generate ‘political inoculation’

Clinton Presidential Library is releasing thousands of pages of documents from the 1990s White House just when Hillary needs transparency the least

Editor’s Note: Dr. Pruitt is a Ft. Worth dentist