Warning: Beware of Discount Envy

               An outbreak of DISCOUNT ENVY has been detected at numerous managing general underwriters (MGUs) and stop-loss insurance carriers across the country.  ARE YOU INFECTED?

DISCOUNT ENVY can occur when underwriting a piece of business. A feeling of grief overwhelms you when you realize you can’t be competitive because the PPO discounts just aren’t deep enough to compete with the fully-insured quotes.

The claims department also experiences DISCOUNT ENVY when they see a $300,000 with a 3% discount when they know the same provider gave a 40% discount on a $10,000 claim.

Listed are a few of the symptoms of DISCOUNT ENVY:

  • The underwriting department using last nights lottery numbers to help determine rates;
  • Extra large bottles of antacids on the claims manager’s desk;
  • Marketing developing a 2 for 1 campaign – Buy a family, get a single for free;
  • Discounts being rescinded;
  • 20 minute tirades on how a hospital can charge $15,000 per night for a room and $10 for an aspirin, then offer a 20% discount and expect you to be happy.

In order to treat the symptoms and help cure DISCOUNT ENVY – we suggest utilizing EthiCare Advisors daily.

You don’t need a prescription for your daily dosage of EthiCare Advisor’s in-network claims settlement services. Save an average of 15% ABOVE THE PPO DISCOUNT daily with EthiCare Advisors to relieve DISCOUNT ENVY. Nor do you need a Doctor’s referral for EthiCare Advisors’ low fees of 15% of savings which come complete with a signed release on out-of-network settlements.

A website has been established for more information about this troubling condition, www.discountenvy.com.

Please don’t let DISCOUNT ENVY spread!