Vxtra Partners

Vxtra Partners was founded in 2004 to address the financial inequities, lack of transparency, and technology challenges associated with traditional health care benefits.

Since our inception, our focus has been on addressing the unique needs of large, independent medical practices. In 2010, we saw the opportunity to bring health benefit captives to the forefront of our efforts. Since 2012, Vxtra has distributed more than $2.3 million in underwriting profits back to our members. In fact, we consistently out-perform traditional fully insured and stand-alone, self-funded carrier-based offerings. We increase clients’ savings and decrease renewal rates.

The reason why?

Our cost-management expertise works for you, not an insurance company or hospital system. We leverage technology like no one else in the marketplace to empower our clients to safely self-fund their health care benefits.

We’ll help you regain control

We don’t just build a health plan design for you. We don’t just create connections with a plan administrator and network. We stay with you, analyzing and managing your risk to put your health plan to work for you. In other words, we give you back control of your health care benefits so your practice can grow and prosper.

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