Unleashing The Power of A Surety Bond

Our forefathers knew that this day would come when governments would overstep their authority and try to control the people. That is why they protected us back in 1792.


Surety Bonds – It Only Takes 10 People To Win…………..

Surety Bonds are one of the oldest guarantees there are. The bond is a contract that guarantees us that a person will perform their duties according to the laws and the constitution of the United States.

Once an elected official, company, or union step outside the law and starts imposing mandates on WE THE PEOPLE. We have the authority to stop them.

The bond gives us the power to put government officials, companies, and unions on notice. The more people who stand up and fight together the greater our chances are of removing these people from office, heads of companies or unions.

The first step in the process is to write a letter of intent. In this letter state only the facts and what rules or laws have been broken. Give them your conditions. Be strong and be firm. Give them 48-72 hours to meet your conditions.

If they do not respond in this time period, it is time to take the second step. You will file a claim against their bond. Once you file your claim the Surety Bond Company will notify the bond holder. The bond holder knows he is responsible for paying all of these claims.

A large number of claims filed at the same time against one bond are dangerous for the bondholder. The Bond Company will cancel his bond. Once this happens, it will be difficult for him to find another bond company that will issue him a Surety Bond.

  • If a Government Official cannot be bonded he will be removed from office.
  • If a company cannot be bonded they will need to close their doors.
  • If the Union cannot be bonded they will have to close their doors.

We have the power. Stand up now and fight for your freedom. You do not need a lawyer or a judge. All you need is a letter of intent to file against their surety bond. We have the POWER now is the time to use it.

It Only Takes 10 People – Bonds for the Win