Universal Health Coin

The timing is right for the Universal Health Coin; it’s revolutionary, disruptive and anonymous utilizing blockchain for the future of healthcare……………………

There are two big problems in healthcare:

First, there exist no free market economics in healthcare.

Because healthcare is such a highly regulated business by both Federal and State governments, councils, and agencies, as well as controlled by employers and insurance companies who are only working in their own interest and not that of the individual patients nor health service providers, there exist no free market economics in healthcare. There is no true mandate by the patient as a would-be consumer to hold health service providers to improve the quality, nor cost, of their service. Additionally, there are little to no financial motivations for individuals to take personal responsibility or “buy-in” to manage their own health.

Second, there are too many middlemen.

These third-parties (payers, brokers, employers, insurers, governmental) suck needed funds away that could otherwise be designated to providing health services to people in need. Creating a health system that removes all unnecessary third-party administrators from the equation must be a primary goal of everyone working to solve the healthcare crisis.