United Healthcare Launches Virtual Health Care Visits


The Tennessean  (5/4, Fletcher) reports that United Healthcare is launching “a network of virtual visits for its commercially insured consumers as a way to provide more affordable health care for simple issues like colds.”

Consumers will be able to use a computer, smartphone, or tablet around the clock to access the services, which will be rolled out in phases beginning this month “as an in-network benefit for some of its nationally based self-insured corporate clients.”

By the end of the month, about one million people will be able to use the service, and up to 20 million could have access by 2016.

The fee for the service will depend on a consumer’s insurance plan, but it will likely cost less than seeking treatment in person.

Note: Not going to happen in Texas due to state’s recent decision to tighten requirements for telemedicine which begins June 3.