United HealthCare Announces Agreement With DaVita


Press released received from United HealthCare last week via email:

New DaVita Agreement: After months of negotiations we have a new agreement with DaVita HealthCare Partners (DaVita dialysis) allowing UnitedHealthcare members immediate access to all of DaVita’s 1,949 facilities. The new agreement also includes commercial Medicare and Medicaid business. Previously we had announced the expiration of our network agreement with DaVita effective Sept. 30, 2013.

Editor’s Note: Third party intermediaries negotiate medical care pricing for many of us. Yet, we are not allowed to see the terms of the agreed pricing until we have a claim. Then all we see is an inflated, make believe number off which is applied  a “significant discount” (designed to make us happy) leaving a net number against which we are unable to compare with other provider’s costs.