UCLA Health Offers Cash Pricing

UCLA Health

UCLA Health offers cash pricing for selected services. Cash-pricing packages must be paid in advance of receiving services. Insurance will not be billed and claim forms will not be provided. If you would like information on cash packages, please call  (310) 794-1125 or email us at priceinfo@mednet.ucla.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

What services are covered in cash pricing?

Hospital and physician charges, including anesthesiology, radiology and select peri-operative tests, are covered. A summary of covered services is disclosed in the cash-package contract.


How long is the cash package pricing valid? 

The cash pricing estimate is valid for thirty (30) days from the date of the agreement. Cash-package pricing estimates are subject to periodic change. Please contact our Financial Liaison when you decide to move forward to confirm.  Call (310) 794-1125, Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.


What if I have health insurance?

These services and procedures are not billable to health insurance; you will be asked to sign an agreement with this stipulation. Generally, these services are not applicable to your deductible or annual out-of-pocket expense; please contact your health plan with questions pertaining to deductibles.

We accept cash, checks and most major credit cards. Our Financial Liaisons are ready to assist you with any questions.


Can I make payments and still receive the cash-package pricing?

Full payment must be made in advance of receiving services.


Do all UCLA physicians participate in the cash-package pricing?

No. Please contact our Financial Liaisons for a list of participating physicians.


I have already seen a physician who is not listed, what are my options?

Our Financial Liaisons can set up an appointment with a participating physician for evaluation.

Do you offer other imaging/radiology procedures not listed on this website?

Yes. Please contact our Radiology Department for a complete list of imaging procedures available for cash quotes at (310) 301-8899 – select option #2.
What if I do not see a specific procedure listed on this website?

Not all procedures at UCLA are available for cash quotes. Please contact our Financial Liaisons at (310) 794-1125 for all other cash pricing inquiries.


What other bills can I expect to receive?

If additional services are received and are not covered in the self-pay agreement, you will receive separate bills for these services.


What if I receive a bill?

Please contact our Financial Liaisons at (310) 794-1125 for assistance