U.S. Online Pharmacy Offers Huge Savings

Prescription drugs don’t have to be as expensive as they are. A smart plan sponsor, thinking out of the box, would discover tremendous savings if they seize advantage of opportunities available in the free market.

Free meaning free from PBM’s and other third party intermediaries driving up costs………………Build a Rx benefit plan around those resources including Walmart and HEB’s $4 and $5 prescription drug listing, Marley Drug Company, Canadian Rx personal use importation and manufacturer assistance programs to name only a few resources…..there are many more to choose from………….

Affordable medications, delivered to your door

Low Generic Drug Prices

Save up to 95% compared to your local pharmacy. Our Wholesale Price List offers 6- and 12–month fulfillments to save you time and money.

Free Nationwide Delivery

We ship you your medication through priority mail.

US-Based Pharmacists

We are a licensed pharmacy in the U.S. serving customers for over 18 years.


Our new online portal makes getting your medical prescription quick and easy.

No more waiting in line at pharmacies and drug stores to get your medications. Just a few clicks and your medication will be delivered to your home anywhere in the US!

How To Get Started With Online Drug Prescription Delivery: 3 Easy Steps

How to Order Medications Online
1. Search for your medication

Using the search bar at the top of the page type in your medication and click search. The medication should appear if it is available. You will need to select the dosage and supply of your medication and click ‘ADD TO CART’.

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2. Fill in your information and confirm your order

If you are new to Marley Drug’s online portal we will have a few extra questions on your first order like where to ship the medication. Don’t worry, you should only have to enter this information once and our system will remember it for next time.

Information we need:

  • Who is this medication for? You or someone else?
  • Your provider’s name and ZIP code
  • Your shipping address

During the checkout process, you will be asked to create an ID and password. Creating a Marley Drug account will save you time at your next checkout.

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3. Your medications are shipped!

As a final step you will be asked to enter your payment information. Once that’s complete we will confirm your order and prescription and your medication will be on its way via USPS First Class Mail and your medications should arrive within 2-5 business days.


Get in touch with us

Our U.S based pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and customer support team are always ready to help answer any questions you may have.

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