Truth or Consequences – Old TV Show Revived Locally

Our in-house forensic experts have successfully un-redacted the partially redacted tape (see previous posting; Consultant Touts Credentials). Below is the complete un-redacted transcript:

‘Just as background, just so’s you’ll know, about ah oh early mid 90’s there was a great deal of concern in the insurance industry about whether or not an individual’s licensed as an agent or licensed as a consultant. So working with the State Insurance Board, we came up with license a requirement for health insurance counselor specifically (to health the insurance industry)  I worked with the State Board of Insurance in developing that program and questions and also approached them also with the requirements of that process because we were having a great deal of trouble with consultants that were getting cases at a very low rate and them taking commissions on the back side.  I work very closely with the Department of Insurance with one of their divisions in the fraud area to help resolve those things that occurred throughout the state with other agents involved.  That can be confirmed very easily if you wanna call Mr. Mike Gieslen with the department of insurance.”


1. The Texas Department of Insurance issued Life & Health Counselor licenses as far back as the 1980’s.

2. The Brownsville Independent School District fee-based insurance consultant did not obtain his Life & Health Insurance Counselor license until 2002.

3. Mike Geislin, Texas Department of Insurance Commissioner was not employed by the TDI in the early to mid 1990’s and was not appointed as Commissioner until 2005.

We report, you decide.

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