Truth Detector – Expose Your Consultant’s True Motives

Ever wonder what motivates your insurance consultant? Is he or she really looking out for your best interests or are there underlying motives at play?  Finally, a new device just released will help you to uncover hidden agendas and ulterior motives that may be affecting your bottom line.

Included with your order will be sample questions that experts say will uncover the darkest and deepest secrets of most fee based insurance consultants. A sample includes “Have you been promised addtional business from a vendor prior to the award of the contract?”, “Have you given our current insurance company the same opportunities that you have given the vendor that you are recommending?”, “Have you blackballed any interested vendor from competing for our business?”  “Who really did this analysis – you or the vendor you are recommending?”

We are excited about this new technology and intend to try it out soon.  If you have a test case for us, we would be happy to lend you our Truth Detector at no charge for the month of August.

You may order your very own truth detector from this website – supplies are limited so order today.


Enhanced Truth Detector Available for $99.95

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