TrueScripts Launches PriceProtector+, Powered by GoodRx To Help Lower Out-of-Pocket Drug Costs

How Sweet It Is!

MyHealthGuide Source: TrueScripts, 9/13/2023

TrueScripts Management Services, a pharmacist-founded Prescription Benefit Management (PBM) company, announces the launch of a new program designed to seamlessly deliver savings on generic prescription medications.

The program, “PriceProtector+,” gives eligible TrueScripts members* instant access to GoodRx discount card savings without the need for physical coupons or effort from the member. When GoodRx discount card pricing is lower than the member’s generic copay, that is the amount charged to the member in an automated process at the pharmacy. The amount paid will then automatically be applied to the member’s deductible and out-of-pocket thresholds. Members only need to utilize their existing benefit plan ID card at their preferred in-network pharmacy. Access to the program requires no other action, and receipts for reimbursement are not needed.

In addition to a seamless member experience, the integration of PriceProtector+ allows the TrueScripts clinical team to capture prescription fill data and monitor for potential drug interactions, adherence, and future program opportunities.

“At TrueScripts, we want to make it easier for members to get the greatest savings possible while achieving appropriate credit toward their accumulators and no loss of data,” said Cari Randel, Product Marketing Manager. “The PriceProtector+ program is a total “value-add” for our clients and members. TrueScripts’ mission is to ensure optimum value at the lowest possible costs, and in line with this mission, the PriceProtector+ program is included in our single administrative fee, with no additional cost to clients or members. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Learn more about TrueScripts and their commitment to ensuring optimal value at the lowest possible cost, visit their website at, or contact a member of their team at

*PriceProtector+ program is not currently being offered to clients with an in-house pharmacy.

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