Trucking Firm Begs Federal Government to Keep Existing Health Plan

We just delivered our first post 23 Sept. renewal on a long-haul trucking firm. They have a mini-med plan for their employees.
The owner will ask (beg) the federal government to allow him to keep his plan as is. We should get the government’s answer in the next 30 days.
If his request is rejected, we are going to put out a full page advertisement in the Corpus Christi Caller Times thanking Solomon Ortiz (our Lily Livered Socialist Congressman) for voting for ObamaCare and thus causing this trucking firm to cancell all insurance for their employees.
We gave the owner of the trucking firm various insurance quotes that comply with ObamaCare. His costs would go up by 500% and more. This is not an option he can afford.
The trucking industry is struggling to keep afloat, with over 900 independent trucking firms in the nation going out of business in just the first quarter of 2010.
Editor’s Note: Fire Congress on November 2!