TRS Feeding Frenzy in Full Swing

Over the past few months I have been telling you about the TRS Care health and drug plan changes coming 1-1-18.

Reaching these retired ISD employees is the next step.  We have collected your feedback and developed several messages to help you connect with those interested in shopping their health and drug plan.

Here is what we have available in our toolkit so far:

  • Two styles of prospecting mailers
  • A list of retired ISD employees throughout Texas
  • Agent referral letter to help make referrals easier to get
  • Agent referral email – easy to forward with a Scope of Appointment and a quote request form attached
  • Power Point presentation to “Educate the Educators” that may be given to an individual or to a group
  • Up to date FAQs

“Educate the Educators” is the central theme to these messages.  During a webinar workshop this Friday at 10am CDT, we will introduce these options to you.  If you cannot make this time, please go ahead and register so that you will receive the follow up items and recorded webinar.  To register, click here.

We certainly appreciate the opportunity to help you create a marketing plan that will attract retired eductors across Texas – prospects that want better benefits, lower rates, a better formulary match, and to keep existing provider relationships.

Let’s connect at 10am CDT this Friday!

Mike Smith, President
The Brokerage, Inc.