TRS ActiveCare To Announce New Benefit Changes & Rates for 2023-2024

TRS ActiveCare is meeting next week to discuss new benefit changes and rates for the government’s health plan for Texas school districts. Will rates go down? Will benefits increase?

The stage will be set, battle formations moved into position for the continuing Battle of The Blues.


6. Receive an update and consider the following related to the TRS health benefits programs – Katrina Daniel, Meaghan Bludau and Melanie Ingleby. A. TRS Active-Care FY2024 Self-funded Rates and Benefits Changes; B. TRS Active-Care FY2024 Fully insured HMO Rates and Benefits Changes.

7. Review the report of the General Counsel on pending and contemplated litigation, including updates on litigation involving benefit-program contributions, retirement benefits, health-benefit programs, investment matters and open records and on legal or regulatory matters involving certain TRS vendors, investment managers, or other counterparties– Heather Traeger and J.R. Morgan

May 2023 TRS Board Agenda (