How do you know if your surgeon is the best of the best or the worst of the worst? Unfortunately most patients play Russian Roulette when it comes to picking one………………….the results can be hazardous  to your health…………..

Jeff Bernhard  President of Continental Benefits

Read the article (below) first, about this mistake and impact to the patient. Continental Benefits members could not have been referred to this doctor, due to our second opinion offering built into each TopCare medical plan.

This doctor has a bottom 20% quality rating, with Quantros, so he would not have been referred to any of our members based on pure scientific quality ratings. No subjectivity involved. In fact, none of our members/patients are recommended to any surgeon with less than a 90% quality rating from the Quantros Quality database, through Continental’s TopCare program. TopCare uses Quantros which is the gold standard of quality, objective data.

This story, in this article, should never, ever happen. I think we can all agree with that. My words are not about this doctor or the patient, since I do not know either, but about lack of true, objective quality transparency in the system. Patients deserve the best opportunity to have a excellent outcome and must have true objective, quality transparency for all and any care received. Quality matters in healthcare and we can do such much better for people/patients

A woman went to a hospital for back surgery — and left without one of her kidneys