Schuessler Highlighted in Employee Benefit Adviser

Employee Benefit Adviser has just published an article this week listing the top social media users among insurance advisers across the United States. The usual suspects were listed, like Carl Schuessler the famed inventor of the ever so popular Schuessler Stick……………………………….

Carl Schuessler, managing principal at Mitigate Partners, spends much of his time on the road speaking at health insurance conferences such as the National Association of Health Underwriters’ Annual Convention and the World Health Care Congress to inform brokers on the key factors of high healthcare cost.

Schuessler has steadily begun to make his way on to social media forums, primarily on LinkedIn to share informative articles he finds as well as some that he writes himself. He has also made his way on to several blogs with his catchy phrases like the “Legal Drug Carterls” and his trusty “Schuessler Stick.”

“My strategy for using social media includes publishing thought provoking content that makes people scratch their heads, disrupting the status quo to create change throughout our archaic healthcare system, instigating and being a catalyst for massive change to save U.S. healthcare, and positioning myself as a thought leader and a leader in the Benefit Adviser Community as well as the CFO and HR community,” Schuessler says.”