This Week’s Savings Shenanigan Story……

It pays to shop for health care. A $40,000 drug for 1/10th of that……………..This broker is worth her weight in gold. Is yours?

Rachel Means 

CEO | Insurance & Benefits Cost Containment Strategist | Out of the BOX thinker

Client with about 500 lives self funded all over TX. A dependent child needs 5 vials of Rituximab infused under neurologist’s supervision at a Children’s Hospital. (First infusion of this kind for the child)

My team calls the Hospital to get the cost of the infusions/negotiate the 23 hour stay. Pharmacy director of the facility calls me directly and asks why I am inquiring on the cost of the Rituximab…..he eventually gives it to me, estimated $40,000 + for the infusion RX, JUST THE DRUG, not the facility fees.

Needless to say, I went on a hunt to find the drug at a much lower cost and get it delivered to the hospital in time for the visit. Here’s where we ended up on the cost of Rituximab: Rituximab 3- 500 MG Vial – $4,360.50 Do the math on the savings.