There Is No Such Thing As A $1,000,000 Health Insurance Claim



Ever buy Alien Abduction insurance? It’s pretty cheap. How about UFO Kidnapping Insurance? That’s just about as cheap as an Alien Abduction insurance policy. And what about coverage for $1 million health care claims? That’s dog-gone cheap too. In fact, less than $1 per month. A careful analysis of one’s monthly budget might bring a reasonably prudent person to  a crystal clear  conclusion that $1 may be better spent on Alien Abduction Insurance. At least that would allow you to stand out at social gatherings,  giving you bragging rights with added confidence, breathlessly passing subtle comments  to the redhead in the corner like “I used to have  a $1 million health insurance policy but I switched to a $1 million Alien Abduction Insurance  plan instead and since then I have felt so much more secure!”

On the other hand, coverage for a $50,000 health insurance policy can be pricey.