World’s Most Aggressive Telemarketer Employs Ancient Sales Tactic

Ever been told as a kid you couldn’t have something?

So what did you do?

This short video illustrates something salesman know about human nature.  When told you can’t have something you want it more than ever.

Here are a few examples:

Bernie Madolf told potential investors he only worked with a “few special clients” and his fund was closed. A car salesman says “It’s the last one on the lot and I’ve promised it to another customer.” A stop loss carrier tells a broker “We work with only a few select brokers.”

And the best example yet: “Bill, you will never, ever get your hands on a Blue Cross Blue Shield hospital contract!” 

Bernie got new customers, the car buyer got the last car on the lot by paying a premium, and Bill got his hands on a Blue Cross Blue Shield hospital contract.