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Tue, May 17, 2011 3:08:21 PM
My first interview 5.17.11
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I’m preparing for my first interview. It is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, May 31, at 7PM Fort Worth time on The Whole Tooth Blogtalkradio.

If you recall, a few months ago I was approached about being interviewed by Richard Train and the co-founder of Get Results marketing and Business Coaching, Hogan Allen, on their talk show. This morning, Richard said he recognizes that I’m “very passionate about the good, bad and ugly of dentistry,” and that “it could be a fun show to do.” I think he’s right.

In January, I warned that when I hear myself in a recording, my West Texas way of speaking shocks me as much as anyone else. I’m pretty sure you have no clue about the depth of the drawl regardless how slowly I type. I need 30 minutes of material… no problem.

The topic I’ve chosen is, “Dentistry’s Low Hanging Fruit – What We Fix First.”

I told Richard that it is my wish to keep the discussion positive, including a few common sense solutions to future problems in dentistry. There are so many directions I can go with this even without poking fun at the usual suspects in the dental industry.

I’m considering discussing de-identification of electronic dental records as a way around the ever-expanding obligations and liabilities of being a HIPAA-covered dentist. It’s perfect timing. Yesterday, even the long-silent ADA News acknowledged that HIPAA is increasingly bad news for American dentists (who volunteered for NPI numbers as recommended by the ADA).

Did anyone else notice ADA News reporter Kelly Soderlund’s unusual approach to the serious topic of HIPAA in her article? It starts with the title: “Stronger enforcement of HIPAA, thanks to new law.”

Why did she choose to say “thanks to new law” rather than the more professionally acceptable, unbiased, “according to new law”? Better yet, why didn’t she choose to say “Stronger enforcement of HIPAA because of increase in data breaches from dental offices”?

I’m also considering discussing hybrid EHRs – just because a fax machine is used in communications doesn’t mean the message has to terminate in paper… but it can.

Any thoughts from anyone? I promise I won’t bite. What would you like to fix?