The TRS ActiveCare Dating Game

Who will she pick? Blue Cross #1, Blue Cross #2, or Blue Cross #3?

For the first time in 20 years the TRS ActiveCare government health plan for Texas school districts no longer holds a monopoly. Member districts are now free to seek competitive commercial alternatives whereas before they were held hostage and prohibited from ever leaving the program.

TRS now find themselves competing for business, a brand new experience for TRS officials.¬† The program is administered by their dance partner, Blue Cross of Texas. But alas competition knocking at TRS’s door includes their own two-timing dance partner, dancing to a different tune with someone else.

The TRS ActiveCare Blue Cross Plan is now competing against the TASB Blue Cross Plan and both are competing against 90 Degrees Benefits, a wholly owned TPA subsidiary of Blue Cross of Alabama.

This means Blue Cross of Texas is competing against itself while competing against Blue Cross of Alabama at the same time in an epic battle between the Blues.

“I dance with the one that brought me”¬†says Don Pedro. “TRS ActiveCare must feel like a jilted lover these days.” And out he went………………