The San Antonio Free Market Medical Association

Organized in 2019, Roger Moczygemba, MD and Shankar Poncelet came together with other thought leaders in the San Antonio community with the goal to lower the cost of healthcare in San Antonio through price transparency, reference-based pricing, and local connection.


The free market movement in healthcare is gaining steam. This is because of providers, patients, and self-funded employers, who believe that changing the way we purchase healthcare services is necessary, and seeking out value driven healthcare providers is important.

Our mission is to unite all of the islands of excellence in healthcare and accelerate the speed and growth of the free market healthcare.

The San Antonio FMMA recognizes the three pillars on which the national FMMA was founded:

  1.  Price is not a product.
  2. Value is mutually determined and requires transparent pricing and quality.
  3. Cash is king, the equality of price is critical.