The Original All Lines Aggregate

The All Lines Aggregate program is a contemporary alternative to conventional insurance.

It is a tailor-made package that blends risk retention, risk transfer, and customized claims management within a framework designed to effectively manage today’s total cost of risk and unlock significant long-term savings.

The All Lines Aggregate program combines the cost efficiencies of Self Insurance (for those elements of risk which are predictable) with the security of Insurance (for those elements of risk which are unpredictable). An organization can choose to retain (or self insure) the losses that are expected or can be reasonably anticipated. At the same time, an organization can protect its assets, earnings power, and/or taxpayer dollars by transferring (or insuring) those losses that are unexpected or which cannot be reasonably anticipated.

The All Lines Aggregate program, a protected risk management approach, is designed for an Insured that:

  • Cities/ Towns / Villages
  • Counties
  • States
  • School Boards
  • Universities (public and private)
  • Community and Vocational Colleges
  • Charter Schools
  • Housing Authorities
  • Pools
  • Airports
  • Native American Nations
  • Special Districts
  • Transportation Authorities/Districts
  • Utilities
  • Turnpike Authorities
  • Park Authorities
  • Religious Institutions
  • Nonprofit Operations RPS PNP has been instrumental in pool start-ups, risk pooling trusts, and reinsurance of pool coverage documents and risk retention groups.