The Only Way to Pay Less for Health Care Is to Pay Less for Health Care

This 35 minute podcast is well worth the time………….Listen to the Master, David Contorno…..

The Only Way to Pay Less for Health Care Is to Pay Less for Health Care, With David Contorno

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Health care cost is a function of volume unit cost. For the past few years, the medical cost trend hovers between 6% and 7%, and health spending continues to outpace the GDP. This isn’t sustainable. There’s only so much cost shifting patients can bear and that more and more employers, the ultimate payers of commercial insurance, can afford as health care costs exceed revenue growth. David Contorno is on the podcast today. We discuss these realities and what these realities mean for health systems, insurance carriers, drug companies, employers, and employees. David was the founder of Lake Norman Benefits and is now regional practice leader and equity partner of the Hilb Group.

David is a nationally recognized thought leader, speaker, and author on disrupting health care and delivering better care at lower costs for employers and their employees. He spends much of his time educating the industry, including his competition, on how to bring these powerful solutions to the masses. The rest of his time is working directly with employers to improve benefits and improve overall company profitability.