Why Are We Insuring Office Visits?

The Insanity of Insuring Office Visits

Why are we insuring office visits? Why not insure flat tires too? Or fan belts? How about windshield wipers? This is insanity.

Yet we do it. We do it all the time. And it’s not only office visits either.

Take for instance dental insurance. A typical dental plan has an annual maximum of $1,500. We “insure” the benefit to the tune of hundreds of premium dollars per year. If we use up the entire benefit the premium plus benefit is $2,000 or more, or cost plus as much as 33%. It’d be cheaper to finance through high interest credit cards.

This isn’t insurance. It’s a whore-house high fee based financial transaction that makes credit card companies blush with envy.

Speaking of whore houses, why don’t we “insure” that too? File it under “mental health.” After all, government mandates health plans must treat mental health the same as any other illness. How about a $25 co-pay for routine “office visits” and $50 for specialists?