The Great Sphinx of Austin

A Novella by Don Pedro

The explosion was not unexpected but the aftermath wasn’t……..

Smoke, fire and wind incinerated a three year odyssey by an odd assortment of characters who banded together to capture as much Texas school health insurance business as possible. With offers too good to be true and the message “I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some” (1 Corinthians 9:22) was a compelling siren call to school officials disparate for solutions for better and cheaper health insurance.

The smoke has cleared, winter has set in. The chill in board rooms across the state is historic, reaching record lows never before thought possible. Will frosty relations between school trustees and administrators thaw out or deep freeze?

In the nick of time a record heat wave radiates from Central Texas thawing out frosty relations from West Texas to East Texas, from El Paso to Beaumont. School administrators don Hawaiian shirts and leis, umbrella drinks for lunch.

Salvation has arrived, for out of the TSHBP ashes rises The Great Sphinx of Austin with a fully-insured head and the body of a nimble TPA, a winged monster prepared to destroy any who get in the way of their prey.

“We are all things for all people!” cries the Sphinx. “Come, join our family. We will take care of you!

So they do.