Book Release: The Great American Healthcare Scam

Hello again everyone!

My book The Great American Healthcare Scam: How Kickbacks, Collusion and Propaganda Have Exploded Healthcare Costs in the United States is now available for purchase on Amazon Kindle.

The ebook can be purchased here for $9.99:

The paperback version will be available in a couple of days.

Once again, I guarantee this book will make you head spin because, as bad as you think our healthcare system is, it’s actually far worse and my book will show exactly why and how that’s the case. Also, even though many people think they know what the health insurance companies are attempting to do, they’re probably wrong.

As always, every claim I make in the book is backed up by actual medical bills and receipts along with data I’ve obtained from the financial disclosures of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and government databases.

So, buy the book and can see for yourself how big of a mess our healthcare system truly is.

I should mention that the preview for the book on Kindle (when you click “look inside”) is a bit of a mess right now. That will be fixed in a couple of hours. The book is fine, though, except for the title page which doesn’t align well on a cloud reader but will on a Kindle device. I just purchased a copy myself last night to make sure. The title page for cloud readers should be fixed in about a day

David Belk MD
Internal Medicine