The First PPO Was Established in 1982 – And It’s Still Touting Savings?

If PPO’s are supposed to save us money on health care why hasn’t it? We all agree forty years of managed care hasn’t worked so why are we still hoping it will?

Anyone born after 1982 has grown up knowing nothing other than the concept of “in-network” and “out-of-network” health care providers. The implication is the former are the Good Guys, the later are the Bad Guys.

The “Bad Guys” usually have the audacity to demand payment in full at the time of service. Or they bill the insurance company on your behalf because they know that if you collect you probably won’t find a compelling need to pay them and instead use the proceeds for something else deemed more important like that new bass boat you’ve been wanting. And to top it off the “Bad Guys” have a nasty habit of wanting more than your insurance pays so they send a balance bill for the difference. If you don’t pay very bad things can happen to you.

If PPO’s are supposed to save us money on health care why haven’t they? We all agree that forty years of managed care hasn’t worked so why are we still hoping it will? Why not try doing what we were doing before 1982 – indemnity health plans. That’s what Medicare’s uses to control costs.

In Texas there are 4,200,000 Medicare members making up the second largest “managed care” network in the state. Medicare members are accepted by virtually 100% of all medical caregivers. There is not another network that can claim such wide acceptance within the provider community.

Adopting Medicare’s strategy can reduce health insurance costs by up to 50%. So why not try it? Nothing else seems to work……………..



As the first PPO in the country and the only truly independent PPO in Minnesota, our network consists of world-class providers and health systems all designed to help you deliver quality, accessible and cost-effective health care services to our members.

Since 1982, America’s PPO has been one of the Midwest’s premier independent provider networks, contracting with more than 50,000 physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals, 1000 hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more than 500 client payer groups. Through these relationships, America’s PPO is an important part of creating quality and affordable choices for healthcare consumers.

In addition, our independence allows us to deliver important benefits, including:

  • Lower fixed administrative costs through competitive pricing
  • Fully customized reports to document your savings
  • Custom-designed employee benefit plans tailored to meet your needs

Our high-quality provider network means we can offer great access to health care at a lower cost for your clients and employees — and competitive commissions and rates for you.

NOTE: Competitive commissions? Maybe that’s why brokers are welded to status quo health care.