The Firemen Are Arsonists

“The supposed firemen are arsonists…getting rescued and then robbed shouldn’t happen”.

Neil Quinn’s comment on linkedin in response to The RBP Okey-Doke:

“RBP plans with Frankenstein components are often cut from the same kleptocratic cloth as the BUCA’s. Ask RBP vendors (often a “repricer” tail wagging the rest of the dog) if the only source of revenue is a single admin fee with no pound of flesh taken in fees attached to claims, shared savings, or hidden charges”.

“Advisors and Employers shouldn’t pay using BUCA discounts on price blind billing or RBP rabblerousing—they should use a new class of health plan based on Fair Market Payment© (FMP) and well structured direct-pay bundled pricing without cobbled together vendors”.

Neil Quinn – Vitori Health | Comprehensive Health Plans