The End Of The Illusionary (PPO) DISCOUNT

AMPS Webinar June 20: Reference Based Reimbursement — The End Of The Illusionary DISCOUNT MyHealthGuide Source: AMPS, 6/14/2013,
Join CEO, Mike Dendy and EVP John Powers of Advanced Medical Pricing Solutions (AMPS) to talk about the “elephant in the room”.
Do not miss this opportunity to address what is on everyone’s mind; the ineffectiveness of PPO discounts in neutralizing inflated healthcare costs. And, while it continues to be the standard for some, there is a better alternative–AMPS Reference Based Reimbursement (RBR). During this educational webinar you will learn about this industry altering solution and get answers to all of your questions including: How do you protect the member from balance billing and how do you protect all stakeholders from costly appeals and litigation?About AMPS
Since 1995, AMPS has provided claims discounting, negotiating, and medical bill review services to the healthcare industry. Our Referenced Based Reimbursement is one of many solutions involving the AMPS team of medical professionals and legal experts who have years of experience and a track record of excellence in TPA, HMO, clinical and hospital settings. AMPS strives to put an end to illusionary discounts by reviewing each bill for unfair pricing, errors, and unnecessary services. For additional information contact John Powers at and (630) 361-2525.  Visit
Editor’s Note: We have used AMPS on some of our Cost Plus Groups with great effect. See