Texas Teachers Have Better Health Insurance Options Than TRS ActiveCare

As the deadline approaches for Texas school districts to decide whether to continue TRS ActiveCare membership we see more competitors vying for the business.

Here’s one company that has been soliciting Texas school business for several years, selling individual health insurance – www.takecommandhealth.com

In my travels around the state meeting with school districts I’ve learned many of them have experienced a decline in plan participation. One large district in north Texas for example has suffered a 27% loss in health plan participation over the past 5 years.

Employees declining group coverage are likely getting better and cheaper coverage somewhere else.


“We’ve designed a first-of-its-kind website just for teachers that allows you to compare all of your options – TRS and private plans in your area – side by side.  We’ll even factor in your district’s contribution amount, help you search for your doctors and prescriptions, and make it really simple to figure out which plans or combination of plans will provide the best coverage for you and your family.  We don’t charge any fees for the use of our teacher site and our advice is data-driven and objective.”


Note: Texas school districts opting out of TRS ActiveCare have three options:

– Fully insured group health plan

– Self insured group health plan

– Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account (ICHRA)

ICHRA’s will eventually become widely accepted for several reasons:

  1. Defined contribution limits plan sponsor costs
  2. Takes the employer out of the (nasty) health insurance business
  3. Give employees more choices based on personal need

The reason you’ve probably not heard about ICHRAs is because brokers aren’t pushing them. However, those that do enjoy a strong closing ratio, close to 100%.

Here is a good guide to ICHRAs: www.takecommandhealth.com/ichra-guide

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