Texas School District Wins “Highest Cost Health Insurance” Award

Eagle Pass Independent School District has got to be paying more for health insurance than any other school district in Texas…………………..

The employee only rate for the best plan option is $996 per month. Compare that to several school districts in deep South Texas who enjoy better benefits than the best health plan option at Eagle Pass at well over half the price.

Eagle Pass ISD must be one heck of a sick group. Or they’re being taken advantage of. Maybe (wild guess here) it has something to do with a one-hospital-town monopoly? The nearest major hospitals are a long two + hour drive to San Antonio.

Or perhaps it’s because few seasoned health care experts have ever ventured forth into the hinterlands seeking business where little is to be found in the tiny dusty town of Eagle Pass, Texas. You can’t get there from here.

At these rates they would be better off joining TRS ActiveCare.

They could add a HRA to turn the worst TRS ActiveCare plan option into a Platiinum 100% plan and save millions compared to what they’re paying now.