TASB Partners With TML To Capture School Business

Amazing things happen when vendors compete for business. With the passage of SB1444 by the Texas legislature this past session, TRS ActiveCare member districts are allowed, for the first time in 20 years, to exit the program and seek competitive alternatives in the commercial market.

For the first time in 20 years the TRS ActiveCare government health plan must compete for business. And they are. The TRS ActiveCare 2023 renewal is out. No member district will pay more and some will pay less.

Numerous insurance marketers are now active in soliciting school district business. Competition is good.

From TASB website:

The TASB / TML health insurance program gives Texas school districts the power to join forces — combining, or pooling, their purchasing power — by participating in TML Health’s existing self-funded risk pool along with more than 900 other Texas local government entities and over 35,000 employees and dependents.

By pooling, Texas school districts and other local governments can negotiate the best value for all their health plan members. The self-funded risk pool design also helps stabilize rates and potentially saves money for members.

Members can count on a guaranteed rate and a promise that when the pool has a good year, those rewards are shared with you through renewal credits. The longer you’re a member of the pool, the greater your opportunity for rewards.

Because we were created by Texas local governments exclusively to serve Texas local governments, we understand the challenges you face. We take the hassle out of healthcare benefits, so you can focus on serving your district and your school children.

We’re here for you, to make healthcare simple and affordable

  • We serve you, not shareholders
  • Affordable plans designed for public employees
  • Competitive prescription costs
  • Access to a virtual doctor, anywhere and anytime
  • Access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas network
  • $150 incentive for employees to participate in the Wellness program, and rewards for healthy activities
  • Personalized assistance for members with chronic conditions

We offer a wide variety of standardized plans with statewide and national provider networks that can meet your district’s needs and budget. We’ll help you find the right combination of benefits to best suit your school district. You’ll find a lot to love with the Cooperative.

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