Texas Legislature Considers FQHC Primary Care Access Program

Many small businesses in Texas have raised concerns that they cannot afford to offer traditional health insurance to their employees. As a result, many working families lack access to quality health care. One way to address this issue is through direct primary care.

Direct primary care is a model of health care in which the care is paid for by a monthly flat membership fee per patient and the patient receives unrestricted access to their physician. Direct primary care incentivizes preventative and holistic care, which is often better for the patient’s health and lowers health care costs across the board.

Federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) already provide a wide array of primary and preventive care services to uninsured and underinsured Texans. As a result, working families in Texas could benefit from a program in which they receive direct primary care and other health care services from an FQHC.      

S.B. 2193 seeks to improve access to quality primary care for uninsured and underinsured working adults and their dependents by utilizing existing FQHCs.

NOTE: Couple this with Revive, wrapped with a Cash Pay Centric Health Plan and you have a benefit plan providing 80-90% of one’s heath care needs at an affordable price.