Texas Hospital Association Opposes House Bill Because Consumers Are Too Dumb

The Texas Hospital Association has concerns, including that providing itemized invoices for every patient’s bill would be costly and time-consuming. 

“Similar to last session, THA opposes this legislation and is working with the bill (House Bill 1973) authors to strike a middle ground that works best for patients. Hospitals support transparency and keeping health care costs down for everyone,” a spokesperson said. 

“The things I heard almost were a little insulting to me. One thing I heard was that consumers don’t want this, or — and that — that they wouldn’t even understand it if they got it. And you know, that to me, it just goes back to the industry itself and how it’s more weighted towards providers and not as weighted towards consumers. And so, this bill is just an attempt to move that weight and give the power to consumers to make those decisions,” she added. 

SOURCE: Texas lawmakers push for more transparent medical billing (kxan.com)