Texas Governor Rules Against Grocery Retailer – Profits Deemed “Excessive”

By William Rusteberg

Texas governor Rick Perry issued an executive order this morning denying HEB’s request to raise the price of milk. HEB’s rate hike request  would have increased the grocery giant’s profit margin to a net 3%. HEB is a large Texas based grocery store chain.

In a statement released this morning, Governor Perry, who switched party affiliation from Republican to Democrat recently, noted  ”HEB’s unfair rate hike request would have hurt struggling fellow Texans who are trying to make ends meet. This has been another example of Big Grocery Store Chains taking advantage of our citizens.”

Governor Perry approved a profit margin of 1%. Texas ACORN Chapter President Sarah Palin applauded the order. “Rick Perry deserves credit for stopping greedy big business from gouging our voter base with higher cost food to be charged through the Lone Star “free food” program funded by people who actually work for a living,”

HEB spokesman, Duane “Dog” Chapman, responded “We cannot survive financially on a 1% profit margin. Next thing you know the state will do the same thing to our group health insurance plan with some sort of MLR restriction! We are considering a move to Communist China where capitalism thrives on supply and demand. We hope our customers will follow.”