Texas Educators Are Not Happy People

77% Of Texas Educators Are Considering Quitting. Low pay and benefits drives exodus from teaching profession.

Could one solution be to remove all financial barriers to health care while lowering costs at the same time and sharing the savings in the form of higher wages? Several Texas school districts have found that to be entirely possible.

Sometimes we overlook obvious solutions. A South Texas school superintendent didn’t because he believes there is no such thing as an unsolved problem. Morale is high, health benefits are unbelievably good (100% coverage, no financial barriers) and teachers from surrounding districts want in.

2022 Texas Teacher Poll

Feeling undervalued, underpaid, and overworked, vast numbers of Texas teachers are seriously considering leaving the profession. Yet a new statewide survey by the Charles Butt Foundation identifies promising retention strategies related to improved support and working conditions.

The survey of a random sample of Texas public school teachers finds that 77 percent have seriously considered leaving the profession, up 19 percentage points in two years. Moreover, 72 percent have taken concrete steps to do so, from preparing resumes and conducting job searches to interviewing for another position. Even excluding those nearing retirement age, six in 10 expect to move on within five years.

The 2022 Texas Teacher Poll: Persistent Problems and a Path Forward – Charles Butt Foundation (charlesbuttfdn.org)