Ternian Insurance Group – Replacing Limited Benefit Plans In 2014


Now that the open enrollment season is underway for many clients, it’s a great time to examine their options for recruiting and retaining hourly employees. However, if your clients had an expense-based limited-benefit plan in place this year, it is likely expiring on or before January 1. Fortunately, there is an alternative and you still have time to implement this innovative solution.

Ternian can design an indemnity-style plan that matches the benefits and pricing of your client’s current plan. This approach is especially critical because of the following issues:

• Not only are the Health Insurance Exchanges extremely difficult to use, the pricing for many plans has nearly doubled in some states.

• Even with a partial subsidy, many hourly employees won’t be able to afford this coverage.

• To make matters worse, most of these plans don’t provide first-dollar coverage for medical expenses—which means they won’t meet the healthcare needs of many individuals.

Offering a limited-benefit health plan from Ternian in 2014 will address all of these issues while giving your clients a highly effective recruitment and retention tool. Your clients can also add our “skinny” MEC plan along with this coverage to help employees avoid penalties from the individual mandate.

It’s not too late to explore your options for January 1 renewals. Contact Ternian right away at 602-216-0006 or email us to learn more.

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