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Are you looking for an effective starting point for ACA Compliance that includes preventive coverage only and will be paired with a limited-benefit health plan? 

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Limited-benefit health plans being offered side-by-side with ACA-compliant coverage according to the Wall Street Journal

You and your clients are likely looking for ways to comply with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) while also minimizing increases in healthcare costs. One emerging strategy involves offering limited-benefit health plans alongside ACA-compliant coverage for eligible employees. In fact, this topic was covered in a recent Wall Street Journal article.

Why are many large employers considering this approach? Even with employer contributions, many employees still cannot afford major medical coverage. Also, the high deductibles required by these plans mean that younger, healthier employees may find them unappealing.

What about the individual penalty? The Congressional Budget Office projects that less than 2% of Americans are expected to face this penalty. For example, this penalty will not apply if ACA-Compliant coverage requires an individual contribution that exceeds 8% of income.

What about the employer mandate? As long as companies offer at least one plan that complies with the ACA, they are free to keep offering ones that don’t.

If you have additional questions about this approach, we encourage you to read our FAQ on the subject. Or contact Ternian directly at 602-216-0006 to learn more.

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