Tenet Healthcare Continues Participation With UnitedHealthcare Networks


We are pleased to announce that UnitedHealthcare and Tenet Healthcare have reached agreement on a three-year contract renewal. Therefore, Tenet Healthcare will remain a participating provider with the UnitedHealthcare, Neighborhood Health Partnership and Oxford networks for all commercial fully insured and self-funded products. Members can continue to use Tenet Healthcare facilities on an in-network basis.

The national contract covers both commercial and Medicare plans and applies to 79 Tenet facilities across 14 states: Alabama, California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois and Massachusetts. The agreement includes all Vanguard facilities acquired by Tenet in Texas, Arizona, Michigan, Illinois and Massachusetts.

Our responsibility and commitment to our members and employers is to balance affordability and access. As such, we will continue to advocate on their behalf in future hospital negotiations to ensure that we deliver access to affordable health care services.

Editor’s Note: We will never know what sort of agreement these two made. Neither Tenet nor UnitedHealthcare will publish their reimbursement schedule. Would it violate a plan fiduciary’s duties to be a third party beneficiary of a contract which can’t be seen?