Super TPA Shares Success Strategies

I had a conference call this week with the CEO of a company with 1,500 employees lives covered with one of the BUCA PPO plans. His employees deductibles were $1,500 and an OPM of $5,000. I told him the we, Continental Benefits, could give you the same “A” PPO network, but also add bundled guaranteed pricing for 100 + different medical speciality surgeries with vetted and high quality surgeons.

In addition, since the cost for these bundles was 30-60% less than his PPO rate, he could reduce the member’s out-of-pocket by 75%, thereby allowed the member to save, Employer save and the provider actually collect all the money instead of chasing the member for $5,000. Win-win-win across the board. Lesson: There are some innovative ways to reduce your spend exponentially, keep high quality care, reduce employer and employee spend and pay doctors/facilities in full for their service and not make them a collection agency. Continental Benefits does this now for other groups and I get letters from members so appreciate of this service and the savings they receive. The same letters come from Employers. Let’s all pick our heads up, pay attention and realize there a better ways to receive much more affordable, quality healthcare. There are better ways now. #SuperTPA