Stop Hiding Behind A Logo

In a previous post we discussed Hiding Behind A Logo and why self-funded plans should stop doing so. Plan members need to know who the real “insurance company” is, because it’s not who they think it is.

There are real advantages to understanding the difference, both to the plan sponsor and plan members.

For example, changing plans is never fun, with a lot of disruption and employee re-education. It’s HR’s worst nightmare. Besides, changing logos on an I.D. card doesn’t save money. However when you brand a plan for exactly what it is, changing a backroom claim administrator is as painless as changing stop loss carriers. It’s seamless and not at all disruptive to plan members.

Changing your health insurance I.D. card to reflect the truth is a good first step. While you’re at it, eliminate all the microscopic verbiage too. No one reads it.

Providers don’t care about logos, all they care about is getting paid. They do that by verifying benefits as you are escorted to the waiting room along with all the other patients sitting with you in the waiting room while having their benefits verified by clerks in the other room.

Those who continue to allow Blue Cross, United HealthCare, Humana and other insurance carriers to brand their self-funded plan for what it isn’t have not yet come to the realization they have freely forfeited control and decision making capacity.

Logo Plans are subject to veto power from backroom claim administrators. “We know it’s your money Mr. Employer but we have to give a Thumbs Down to that idea! “

A plan sponsor that says “We want to hire an independent audit company to check your work” will likely get a response like “Sorry, read your contract!” Or the plan sponsor may want to enter into a direct agreement with a provider. “Sorry, you can’t do that either. Read your non-compete clause in our contract!

Removing your plan’s logo may be the best thing you do in 2020. You will be……………